Bryan and Missy Net Worth: How much Money Daily bumps make in YouTube.

Bryan and Missy Net Worth

How Much is Bryan and Missy Worth?

Bryan and Missy Net Worth: $1.6Million.

Bryan and Missy net worth: They are a vlogging couple and owners of The Daily bumps YouTube channel. Their net worth is estimated to be $1.6Million.

Bryan was born on January 20th, 1990 in San Diego where he lived with his Mom and his older sister Bev.

He met his wife Missy at a concert while he was filming. This was with the help of his other friend called Jessica.

On the other hand, Missy was born on October 27th, 1989 in Southern California. She has a brother Jimmy and a sister Cassie.

They got married on 8 August 2008 after being in a relationship for some time. It is during their time in a relationship their channel daily bumps was born.

It all started when Missy got pregnant. This was because she wanted to showcase her pregnancy journey.

Bryan and Missy YouTube earningsHow much Money Daily bumps make on youtube.

With the help of her husband Jimmy Lanning, Missy launched a YouTube channel which they named Daily bumps.

They started posting videos of their tough, fun, silly, sad, and happy family moments.

This led to the channel getting subscribers and viewers who were interested to hear more about their day to day challenges.

Currently, the channel has amassed over 2.8Million subscribers and more than 2Billion video views since the channel was launched on 31 Dec 2012.

This in return generates a monthly salary of $12,000 ($290,000 annually) from YouTube Monetization program.

This has boosted Bryan and Missy net worth so much putting them among the YouTubers earning a living from their channels.

Daily Bumps New House.

After saving for some time, Bryan and Missy finally managed to buy their own house.

The house was bought in 2016 and it’s located in sunny Southern California that is where they both live.

The house is stunning with a well thought interior design with a large backyard.

Bryan and Missy new house also has a huge swimming area outside in fact this was one of the things they were looking for.

Their house’s living room and kitchen are so big that can fit some people’s whole house.

Watch Bryan and Missy House tour video to see their new house.

According to sources, the house costs them 1.5Million.

Bryan and Missy Personal Life’s.

Even though they have been so successful, the couple has had a lot of challenges in their relationship.

Missy and Bryan Lanning divorce.

The two at some point got a divorce after things went wrong. Bryan had gone to college to study his career.

Due to long distance, their communication was stopped resulting to a divorce thank heavens they remarried again.

Apart from YouTube earnings, Bryan is a musician.

In addition, they have different personal channels dedicated to their hobbies and interests.

They are good family friends to fellow YouTubers, Ellie and Jared.