Daithi De Nogla Net Worth – How Much Nogla makes a year from YouTube.

Daithi De Nogla net worthDaithi De Nogla Net Worth – $12 million.

David Nagle aka Daithi Nogla is an Irish comedic video game commentator and YouTube personality.Daithi De Nogla Net Worth is estimated to be $12 million.

According to Irish Times, Daithi is among the youngest Irish YouTubers who are making a fortune out of YouTube.

However, he is behind the top earning Irish You-tuber JackSepticEye aka Seán Mclaughlin who is leading them all.

How Much Nogla makes a year from YouTube.

One of the main sources of income for David Nagle comes from his YouTube Channel.

It is also the major contributor to Daithi De Nogla net worth.

According to socialblade, Nogla’s YouTube channel was having over 5 million subscribers and more than 700 million video views as of late May 2017.

Daithi De Nogla Social Media

We recently conducted an interview with one of the popular YouTuber to know exactly how much YouTube pays them.

According to his channel, Murphy said YouTube pays him between $1-$8 per 1000 video views.

However, the amount varies depending on the level of user engagement that is how long someone spends viewing the video, location and time of the year.

Statistics from Social Blade shows that Daithi makes an estimated Monthly Earnings of $109k and Yearly Earnings of $1.3M.

In addition, David gets sponsorship from top brands which are additional sources of income. This together with his YouTube income have contributed to his huge net worth.