Garth Brooks net Worth – How much is Garth Brooks worth.

Garth Brooks net worthGarth Brooks Net Worth: $310 Million.

Troyal Garth Brooks best known by his two names Garth Brooks is an American Country music singer and songwriter. Garth Brooks net worth has been estimated to be $310Million dollars.

He has been listed as the best-selling solo albums artist in the United States having sold 148 million albums of his music.

Brook’s sings country music. However what has made him popular is his style where he mixes rock and roll elements.

How much is Garth Brooks worth?

Born on Feb 7, 1962, Garth is one of the successful people in the music industry.

Much of his income comes from his selling his music and performing in live concerts.

He is the only artist in the United States who has released seven albums which have received Diamond status.

In addition, Brook has also won 2 Grammy Awards and seventeen American Music Awards among others.

Garth Brooks Net Worth.

Garth net worth is estimated to be $310Million dollars.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Garth has sold over 200 million albums across the world.

He has also attended hundreds of live concerts across the United States which in return pay him a good income.

Even though there is controversy about his position as the best-selling solo artist of the 20th century in the United States, Brooks is super rich.

Garth Brooks Personal Life.

Garth has had two wives in his entire life.

The first wife was

songwriter Sandy Mahl who he married in the year 1986. The two had three children Taylor, Anna, and Allie.

However, Brook and his then sweetheart had family issues and separated in 2001.

Garth again married another wife Trisha Yearwood in 2013 and they are staying together since then.

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