Jake Paul Net Worth – How much money does jake paul make a year From YouTube.

Jake Paul Net WorthJake Paul net worth is $4.3 Million.

Jake Paul is a vine star, YouTuber, internet personality and actor from Los Angels. He is among the people who are Making money on YouTube through posting videos of his day to day activities.

Born, January 17, 1997, Paul has played a role As Dirk on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark and also starred in YouTube Red Original movie Dance Camp.

Even though Jake makes money from different income sources,  Much of his net worth comes from his YouTube channel.

Jake Paul’s way to fame.

Jake started his career as a YouTuber after he was inspired by his brother Logan Paul who is also a vine star.

Logan had a huge Twitter and Facebook following which Jake used to promote his products with.

Jake Paul net worth.

jake PaulMuch of Jake paul’s net worth is being made through promoting different company products on his YouTube channel which receives massive views.

In addition, Jake also gets paid through YouTube Monetization program whereby YouTube runs adverts on his channel’s videos.

YouTube then shares a certain percentage of money that they receive with channel owners.

How much money does Jake Paul make a year From YouTube?

This is a question that every fan of Jake Paul wants to know the answer.

Paul has a YouTube channel that is named after his name and a huge Facebook and Twitter following where he shares his videos.

His channel had amassed over 6.4 million subscribers and more than 925 million video views as of June 2017.

This in return generates an estimated income of about 380,000 per month and 4.6 million a year.

Paul also generates money from acting and selling ad spaces. Through his social media accounts where he has a huge following.