Lance Stewart Net Worth – How much Money Lance Stewart Makes on YouTube.

lance_stewart_net_worthHow much is Lance Stewart worth?

Here is the naked truth about Lance Stewart Net Worth:

But first…

Who is Lance Stewart?

For those who don’t know him, Lance is a Philadelphia-born YouTuber and online personality.

His parents are of different origins, his father Bruce comes from Italy while his mother Nina Stewart comes from Irish.

Lance has fans and follower across the world, he became famous through Vine entertainment network.

Imagine, it’s only one video that has made lance Stewart this much net worth.

Yes…. I mean only one.

You may be wondering:

“How can one Video make someone this rich?”

Well, it did the video is titled “It’s My Money and I Need It Now,”

Watch It’s My Money and I Need It Now video that made Lance Rise.

How then did he get started?

People who succeed in making money through YouTube can tell you it is not easy to do it.

But in the recent days, you see a lot of YouTubers driving expensive cars, buying big houses and much more.

How do they do it?

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Rising from rags to Riches…

Lance Stewart was introduced online to Vine by her sister Sabrina Stewart.

He created an account by the name “lance210“.

Due to his childhood interests of making videos, he started posting six seconds clips to his channel.

His Vine did not perform well till when he posted It’s My Money and I Need It Now video.

This video went viral receiving more than 800K revenues and 900K likes on his Vine.

Those who dint know lance’s account would search “it’s my money and I need it now Vine” others “my money and I need it now vine”.


Here is the problem.

Lance Stewart wanted to showcase more not just six seconds only.

He opted to create a YouTube channel where he would post videos more than six seconds.Lance210.

Soon than later Lance youtube channel itslance210 was created.

He then moved his fans who Vine to his YouTube channel and it’s doing really good.

The channel has since led to Lance’s so many income generating sources.

In fact, he now has lance210 website and online shop store where he sells Hoodies, Hats, and T-Shirts.

We shall come to this later, let’s first learn more about Lance Stewart YouTube channel.

Lance Stewart YouTube.

Stewart started his YouTube channel Its lance 210 back Feb 6, 2014.

The channel currently has over 1 million subscribers and more than 82 million as of Sep 2017.

According to statics collected from  Socialblade Itslance210 currently, has 117 uploaded videos.

Here’s an example from social blade illustrating statistics of lance’s YouTube channel.

lance210 youtube

As you can clearly see, Lance YouTube has 117 video uploads, 1,124,461 subscribers, 82,705,821 video views and was created Feb 6, 2014.

More on that:

Lance stewart socialblade youtube statistics

On average, in a day itslance210 YouTube channel gets over 700 subscribers.

The channel is also listed at position 742 in the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

That not being enough, he has another bigger YouTube channel called lance210.

Since the channel was first launched, it has accumulated over 3.5Million subscribers and more than 7.8 Million video Views.

Here is how Lance Stewart Makes money from YouTube:

Both the channels are income generating, in fact, he makes an estimated earnings of about $4000 US dollars in a day from both the channels.

Let’s go in details so that we can understand how much Lance Stewart make on YouTube.

Usually, YouTube Pays an estimate between $2-$5 Dollars per 1000 monetized Views.

However, the amount one gets is not constant. YouTube considers a number of factors before paying you.

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Lance Stewart Net Worth.

In a good day, Lance’s channels hit 2.2Million Video Views.

This in return generates an income of about $4000 Dollars which amounts to an estimated income of about  $1.4 Million annually.

Lance records videos mostly with his family members, his sister Sabrina Stewart and girlfriend Lizzy whom he features most in his videos.

Apart from income generated from YouTube, Stewart also generates extra income from his online store where he sells Hoodies, Hats, and T-Shirts.

This is due to his large following on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Watch one funny Video by Lance Stewart “I need help my life is in Trouble”.