Sam and Nia Net Worth – How much Money Sam and Nia makes a year from YouTube.

Sam and Nia net worthSam and Nia Net Worth – $380,000.

Sam and Nia is a family YouTube channel owned by a couple whose net worth is estimated to be $380,000.

Before they became popular, Sam used to work as a nurse at Texas Regional Medical Center while Nia used to be a stay at home mom.

The two couple who now resides at Terrel, Texas have three kids and YouTube is their main income.

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How much Money Sam and Nia makes a year from YouTube.

Sam and Nia started their YouTube channel back in March 2007.

And since the first day the channel was launched, it has garnered over 1.8million subscribers and more than 540 million video views altogether.

A photo of Sam and Nia together with their three KidsYouTube pays between $2-$8 dollars per 1000 monetized views. This However depends on a number of factors.

We discussed this factors in our previous post on making money with YouTube.

You can visit the article to learn more. In Sam and Nia’s case, the couple generates an estimated income of around $87,000 in a month( 1.2 million a year).

In addition to their YouTube income, Sam and Nia makes more money from the sale of T-shirts and Kids stuffs.