Sssniperwolf Net Worth – How much Sssniperwolf is worth.

sssniperwolf net worthSssniperwolf Net Worth: $2Million.

Sssniperwolf is a YouTube channel run by a young girl by the name Lia. Its net worth is estimated to be about $2Million.

The channel contains mainly Call of Duty gameplay videos, animations, gaming videos and much more.

Lia is of Greek/Turkish ethnicity but resides in America.

She was born on October 22, 1992, in England and later moved to the United States where she currently lives.

Lia Sssniperwolf way to Fame.

Sssniperwolf Lia did not succeed overnight, her career started way back when she was six years old.

She could play video games while in school, however, she could buy action figures at a low price and sell them to other students making a profit.

While in college, she enrolled for nursing and pharmacy classes at the same time.

Lia started his channel Sssniperwolf YouTube Channel in 2013  and since then, the channel has amassed over 5Million subscribers and more than 800Million video Views.

In addition, Lia has also another YouTube channel called LittleLiaWolf that contributes to her net worth.

Sssniperwolf Net Worth and YouTube Earnings.

Much of Sssniperwolf net worth comes from YouTube.

The channel generates a revenue of about $5,000 a day ($1.8 million a year) just from YouTube ads.

In addition, she also makes extra income from featuring different company products on her videos.

Some of Lia’s popular Videos include¬†Misty Cosplay, Overwatch, Destiny, Far Cry and Call Of Duty.

Sssniperwolf Lia’s personal Life.

Lia is a lover of Dogs, she has two dogs namely Kaz and Tuna. She began a relationship with fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage.

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