How to unhide hidden files in usb caused by virus Step by Step Guide.

unhide hidden files in usb caused by virusHow to show hidden files in USB in windows 7,8,10.

Have you lost all your important documents in Your USB drive after plugging it in your computer or a friends computer?

Well do not Panic, You are going to learn  How to unhide hidden files in USB caused by a virus.

All your documents are in your drive but due to a virus infection, the files get hidden.

WARNING: Do not Format your USB drive before you try what you are going to learn below.

If you format your drive, you are going to lose all your files which shall require you to recover them using recovery tools.

However, if you had already done so before you came across this post, I would recommend you check our post on 5 Best professional data recovery software to use.

Without wasting time, Let’s dive in.

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Unhide hidden files in USB caused by a virus.

There are several ways you can recover or show hidden files from USB.

But in this post, we are going to discuss the easiest and common way to go about it.

This process does not require you to be a computer expert.However, you MUST have some basic computer knowledge to do it.

Below are the steps to follow to view virus hidden files in Your USB.

  1. On your computer, plug your USB drive into any USB port.
  2. Go to my computer and check your pen-drive letter either(G, F or D).Image showing how to find pendrive letter
  3. Go to your computer’s start button and click on it; a new window will open.Image showing where windows start button is located
  4. Type the word “run” in the search programs and files space and “Press Enter“.Image showing where to type run and enter
  5. On the new window that opens, type or paste in this command:  attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.*Windows 7 run window
  6. Replace the last letter “d” with your pen-drive letter and press Enter.
  7. You are going to see a small black command prompt screen for a few seconds then it will disappear.
  8. Now go to your USB and check your files all of them should be back.
  9. Delete any suspicious files and Autorun folder in the drive to avoid a repeat.
  10. Your files may not be spread in the USB drive as before, However, they will all be placed in one folder.

This process Only works to files that have been hidden by a virus and not files that have been deleted or formatted.

Please let me know whether this steps assisted you to recover your files back and leave a comment about the process.