How to Whitelist an Email Sender or a Domain in Yahoo! Mail.

Whitelist an Email Sender or a Domain in YahooWhat is whitelisting?

A whitelist is a compiled list of special entities or people who receive special treatment or favors.

There is nothing irritating as important emails sent to you being filtered to your spam folder. This is because you might never get the information that was to be delivered to you on time.

However, you can whitelist some specific email senders or domains that are important so that they are not sent to the spam folder when they are received.

Whitelist an Email Sender or a Domain in Yahoo.

There are two ways you can whitelist an email sender or domain in Yahoo.

  1. By Creating a filter.
  2. Through Yahoo spam folder.

How to Whitelist an Email By Creating a filter.

Yahoo FiltersFilters enable emails from a certain domain or person to go to a folder separate from the inbox where you can access them easily.

Let us say you receive so many emails in a day and sometimes the important emails get lost in other emails making it difficult to get it.

A filter will enable the emails you choose to go to a certain folder where you can access them quickly.

Below is a step by step guide on how to create a filter in Yahoo mail.

  1. To start off, on your left side of your email navigate to “Folders“.
  2. Click on “Create a new folder” and give your folder a name.
  3. After Naming your folder, now it’s time to create a filter so that the emails you want to move to that folder.
  4. Click on the gear icon on the right corner of your email you will see a list of menus.
  5. Navigate and click on “Settings” a new window will open having several options.
  6. Move down and click on “Filters” and then “Add new filter“.
  7. Give your filter a name depending on the domain or the sender.
  8. Below the filter name, you will see four options those are; From, To/CC, Subject, and Body.
  9. Here you will be required to chose either the email or name of the sender, subject or body.
  10. You can, for example, chose “subject” which means, any email having the word Facebook goes to the Facebook folder.
  11. Click save and you are done.

This method automatically sends emails from a certain domain or person to the folder that you choose.

However, you Must know the name of the sender or the domain name for you to be able to place a filter on it.

How to Whitelist an Email through Yahoo Spam Folder.

This second method is a bit easier that the first method, However, it works on those emails that have already been sent to the spam folder.

Below are steps you can use to whitelist an email from Yahoo! spam folder.

  1. On the left side of your email, you will see a folder named “Spam“.
  2. Click on it and then go the email that you want to whitelist.
  3. Here, we have two options. First, you can click on the checkbox that is on the left side of the email or clicks on the email itself to open it.
  4. Above it, you will see a navigation menu showing four options; Move, delete, not spam and more.
  5. Click on “Not Spam” option and the email will be whitelisted.
  6. After that, the emails go to your inbox and emails sent by that person will always go to your inbox.

Note: Make sure you check the date that the email was sent as it goes back to that date in your inbox.


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