Zoie Burgher Net Worth – Snapchat, Videos and Everything You Need to Know about Her.

zoie burgher net worthZoie Burgher Net Worth:$50,000.

Zoie Burgher is an internet personality and YouTube star.

She is popularly known for posting semi-naked gaming videos to her online fans. Her  Net Worth is estimated to be $50,000.

Born Nov 1995, Zoie is a former student of  Florida State University where she studied international affairs.

Her career as an internet personality started way back in 2013 as she was joining college and since then, she has been growing constantly.

Burgher got fame through her Twitch account. She would live stream herself twerking while dressed explicitly.

However, her Twitch account was later banned due to explicit content.

Zoie Burgher’s Snapchat.

After Zoie’s Twitch account got banned, her dreams dint fade. She opted to open another account at Snapchat and YouTube where she would showcase her talent.

Zoie Burgher’s Snapchat name is ZoieBurgher you can click on the link to visit her account.

She has been constantly posting videos and images of her self-gaming.

For instance, her Snapchat stories are viewed daily by more than 200,000 people.

Her Twitter and YouTube accounts are filled with many lustful images of herself, she recently said she is happy with what she does.Zoie Burgher net worth

Zoie Burgher’s YouTube Channel.

Much of Zoie Burgher net worth comes from her YouTube Channel.

The channel has accumulated over 1.2 million subscribers since it was first launched.

In addition, the channel has also accumulated more than  50 million views so far. On average, the channel gets around 350,000 video views daily.

This in return generates her income through YouTube Monetization program whereby YouTubers are paid from placing YouTube ads on their videos.

However, Zoie doesn’t monetize from all her videos due to a restriction from YouTube for their content.

But she gets good revenue from other videos in her channel.

Zoie Burgher Net Worth.

Burgher net worth has been estimated to be $50,000 Dollars.

Here is how Zoie makes her money from YouTube.

Her YouTube channels get averagely 9.9million video views in a month. This in return generates around $12,000 dollars of revenue monthly.

When you add up this amount, you will find that Burgher makes an estimated revenue of about $145,000 dollars annually.

Apart from income generated from her channel, Zoie also makes money from companies who give her their products for marketing.

YouTube pays on average from $2-$5 dollars for every 1000 monetized page views.

This amount, however, may be subject to increase or decrease depending on a number of factors.

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Below is a video of Zoie with several confessions.